There are no refunds on any used or unused services.
There are no refunds or exchanges for lost or stolen tickets.

Refunds will not be given for the following issues:

  • Bad weather, if the bus is operating
  • Complaints about traffic or buses taking a long time to arrive
  • Long lines for a bus
  • Employee complaints (other than in extraordinary cases determined by management)
  • Bus temperature was too hot/too cold
  • Complaints relating to other attractions included in packages
  • Audio issues
  • Tickets purchased through third-party suppliers
  • Last minute trip cancelations

Customer may receive a refund if:

  • Bus Tours NYC is completely unable to operate 
  • A customer's credit card was charged more than once for the same transaction
  • Bus Tours NYC reserves the right to offer a partial refund in all circumstances
  • If a refund is agreed Bus Tours NYC may charge a 15% administrative fee

On rare occasions due to weather, security, unforeseen acts of nature or/and other conditions beyond our control, Bus Tours NYC reserves the right to change or terminate any scheduled tour and assumes no responsibility for delays.

In the event there is a extraordinary circumstance please contact customer service at support@bustoursnyc.nyc or call (646) 669-7244 or visit our contact page.